Hello Loredana,

Kindly find the answers to your questions as follow:

Q: How have you allowed to give personal and confidential information about me
to anonymous persons on hotmail? Simone !? You are his friends? You know about this anonymous? Are you crazy?

Ans: We have revealed no information about you to anyone, personal or otherwise. There is no way we can do so, rest assured about it. The link that you have provided contains only confirmatory email. It was written in order to conclude our communication with them.

Q: And to think that I'm so sorry, I was thinking that you were of the very
correct person. No. You are crazy or are you just drunk the brain. A company really serious as yours, I make you my compliments.

Ans: In spite of extending all possible assistance and cooperation from our side, I am not sure why you are displeased. If you are displeased just because we have requested you to move away your website, then I have already explain the reason in my earlier communication with you and I still regret for any inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

Q: Simone is a stranger who connects with the proxy and other services that do
not allow identification to the Italian police. You must immediately provide me of his name, surname and the information which you have been informed. I invite you to provide all necessary assistance to bring this criminal to the Italian police.

Ans: In an effort to ensure the authenticity of the person complaining against our client, we obtained their permission to reveal their names, in case of need. Therefore there is no problem in providing you with the requested information. Since we do not know them, we do not have any reason to think in favor or against them. If you think that he is a criminal, then you can continue putting your efforts to bring him to Police. Here are the requested information:

(1) Full Name: Simone Sissimo
(2) Email: sissimo_neuro@hotmail.it

Q: If you do not give me the necessary cooperation, information that I will turn immediately to the American Embassy in Italy. The company AccuWebHosting had relation economic with Loredana Morandi. Not with the first stranger who walks down the street. The person is completely unknown for me. In Italy ONLY the Tribunal have power to close websites. But, Simone is not a judge or a lawyer.

Ans: It is your prerogative to approach American Embassy to lodge any complaints against us, because we have not indulged in any illegal activity.

I hope this I have replied up-to your expectation. Do not hesitate to contact me in case of any assistance.


Kris A.
Sr. Technical Manager

Web: http://www.accuwebhosting.com/?ref=help
Helpdesk: http://thehostingsupport.com
Forum: http://discussion.accuwebhosting.com/?ref=help

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